U.S. Women’s soccer team wins

The United States women’s soccer team has advanced to the quarterfinals by betting the Colombian women’s team in convincing fashion.

Before the match, the Colombian team was very vocal and outspoken indicating that they would beat the American team, though the American women prevailed by a score of 2 to 1. As far as James Dondero could tell, the American women seemed stronger, better, and prepared, but the game did show that the United State’s offense was somewhat limited which does not bode well for the remainder of the tournament.

Now that the World Cup has reached the knockout stage in the quarterfinals, the games will be tighter and more hotly contested. The next match is against China, and the American team will be without two of their stars, Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holiday, who received yellow cards today and the second of the tournament. While the American team has additional talent on the bench, it takes more of an effort to integrate other players late int he contest.

In this match, Alex Morgan scored a goal and stemmed the momentum that Columbia was building. Lloyd scored a second goal that gave the women an additional cushion for breathing room but the American defense and goalkeeping has been outstanding through out the tournament and this game was no exception. If the United States women’s team could conjure up some more regular offense they will be a very difficult team to get out of the tournament.