The Career Journey of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the current General Counsel, Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer of San Francisco’s Hall Capital Partners; Californian Investment Company ran by women only. Before joining the firm, she headed San Francisco office of Securities and Exchange Commission.

The firm’s diverse leadership culture is what motivated her to join it. She also had a goal to restore public confidence in investments. She has consistently fought deceptive corporate crimes. Her driving impetus is what has been pushing her always to battle corruption.

Helane Morison’s career has been influenced by her personality since she is strict on ethics and principles. She has tirelessly and fearlessly exposed those who want to gain financially by taking advantage of influence and power. Also, she has notably been up against morally bankrupt brokers who look to gain unfairly in the scandals of the financial sector.

The economic crisis that hit the world in 2007 presented a good platform for corporate manipulation. Financial institutions found themselves susceptible to the threatening economic circumstances, and at the mercy of bailouts from the government. The trust people had diminished significantly, and people had to worry about having to lose their jobs. It, however, became clear that there were people responsible for keeping the economy afloat to benefit themselves. Helane was one of those who took a proactive approach against such.

Having acquired her Journalism degree at Northwestern University and Juris Doctor Degree at Berkeley School of Law, she had the green light to work in the US Court of Appeals. She later opted for private practice gaining experience in the justice sector. Later on, she realized she wanted to expose the rot in the corporate sector. That is when she joined Howard, Rice, Canady, Falk, Nemerovski and Rabkin’s law firm. There she grew to be a partner after only five years.

Her investment in legal justice got government recognition and was offered a position at the US SEC, San Francisco office. She used this position to protect businesses and people against predators. She managed to be promoted to Head of Enforcement, responsible for several other regions in the USA. She has managed to lead the uncovering and investigation financial fraud and defended people from the fraudsters.

Helane took a shift in her career, joining Hall Capital Partners where she currently is at. From this platform is where she commits herself to denouncing evils in the financial sector. She has demonstrated passion and commitment to stand for fairness.
About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners. She has a B.S in Journalism from Northwestern University and a J.D from Berkeley School of Law, University of California. Besides her academic qualifications, she also has a strong personality and strict principles.

She has worked in the justice sector in various law firms including private practice and San Francisco SEC before joining her current firm. She was in the Board of the Regional Park and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the America Bar Association memberships.