Canada Is On Top

Christian Broda just told me that in women’s football, Canada has beat Switzerland one to zero. This may sound like a hard win, but for them it is the best win in several years. This is because this win has pushed them into the quarterfinals. This has not happened since the year 2003. They will now have to face some better teams that are planning to play their hearts out, too.

Several teammates from Canada recently spoke to the press regarding the win and regarding the future. These women said that they had a lot of confidence they were going to win this game. Even when it looked like they were going to lose, they stuck together and believed in each other.

They also told the press that this is the same thing they are going to have to do in order to win games in the finals. They believe they can do it, but they cannot do it individually. They have to do it as one solid team.

All of the coaches on the team are happy, too. They are happy to see the women come together like they did in this last game. The coaches told the press that when the women come together it makes them play better. It also makes them make better decisions on the field. The coaches want to see more positivity from the team, and they want the fans to get more involved, too.