George Soros to regroup and retool with donors to ‘take back power’

After cutting back on his donations in the recent years, George Soros has shown himself to be determined to aid Hilary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. According to Federal Election Commission records, Soros, who in recent years scaled down on his contributions has committed more than $25 million dollars to the cause.

Even though the 85-year-old Hungarian has been consistent with his donations to Democratic causes, 2016 has shown itself to be a year where the stakes were exceptionally high. Even before the current President-Elect became the nominee, the hostility towards many of the causes that George Soros cared most about and has supported for many years made it clear that it was time to act.

This is not to say that George Soros was the only major financial contributor to Hilary Clinton. There are other elite liberal donors who are also stroking big checks. It has to be said however that few have the pacesetting effect of George Soros.

Just as in the prior election, Soros applied a very precise giving pattern and used his funds to aid various liberal groups.

After the shocking election results were announced, George Soros and other big-money contributors that spent a considerable amount of money trying to elect Hilary Clinton are gathering at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington for a three-day, closed-door meeting on Biography to regroup and retool and come up with a different strategy to use the big-money left to fight back.

It is not unlikely that during this three-day conference many liberals will reassess their approach to politics. One topic on Time that will no doubt be discussed extensively is the future role of the Democracy Alliance, which is co-founded by Soros.

Even though the influence of the DA has been significant over the past years, the need for a reassessment and change of strategy has clearly shown to be required.

Whereas Soros was known to only periodically attend meetings of the Democratic Alliance and is rarely a part of the proceedings, the fact that there is a Tuesday morning appearance scheduled at is a good indication that he is not dialing down his commitment to opposing the current President-Elect.

The conversation with George Soros is one of the many spontaneous changes after the election results and the new reality facing liberals. Even though the outcome of the election was not what Soros strove towards, it is clear that he aims to continue his support to Hilary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.

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