Kenneth Goodgame A Man With Tremendous Success

Kenneth Goodgame has an impressive career. During 1995 to 1999 Kenneth Goodgame was a merchandise dealer for Hardlines. He managed the purchases associated with indoor gardening and achieved $3 billion revenue. He helped contribute with the expansion of Puerto Rico. From 1999 to 2001 he worked at Proprietary Brands as a Director. Some of his success included obtaining John Deere deals on a coast-to-coast basis, creating a successful launch for the brand RIDGID, and sustaining a prevailing market share with Sears. Kenneth Goodgame worked at The Home Depot from 1994 to 2002 as Senior Global Product Merchant. Some of his achievements included increasing an additional $55 million when making a deal with Toro and marketing products on a global scale. Between 2002 and 2007 Kenneth Goodgame worked in association with Rubbermaid. From 2002 to 2004 he was General Manager and President for Rubbermaid Cleaning. He accomplished closing the largest licensing agreement. From 2004 to 2006 he was the General Manager and President of Bernzomatic. He promoted several products on the market which resulted in $40 million in revenue just in the first year. From 2002 to 2007 Kenneth Goodgame was Senior Vice President for Irwin PTA & Shur-Line Painting Products. During his position as Vice President he had great success. He was able to take this business to $490 million within 18 months. Between 2013 to 2015 Kenneth Goodgame was the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President for True Value Hardware Corporation. Some of his achievements included implanting strategic plans for long-term growth, increased savings annually, more than $20 million in revenue, and creating successful program launches.

Kenneth Goodgame received his Bachelor’s Degree at University of Tennessee in Marketing. He is a highly skilled expert in generating amazing and phenomenal revenue growth. His main focus is to convey equilibrium within the business, positive worker engagement, great performance pointers, and establishing superiority guarantee systems. He wants to promote development and excellence every day. His keen sense of awareness and extensive expertise enables him to be amazing in the market industry.

In conclusion, Kenneth Goodgame has led an impressive career.

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