Koch Brothers Weigh Options to Take Out Trump

Conservative impresario and wealthy industrialist Charles Koch recently spoke with Vanity Fair about his disillusionment with politics in general and the state of the Republican presidential race. Along with his brother David, he was responsible for helping to raise approximately $400 million through their donor network for the Mitt Romney campaign, which resulted in a loss to Barack Obama in 2012. By 2016, Charles and his brother along with their allies pledged nearly $900 million for Republican opponents in the general election to the top Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. However, they still need to work out a calculated plan because of a misjudged candidate and serious contender, Donald Trump.

Normally, the Koch network fulfills its duty to help install a Republican into the White House during every presidential election. However, that goal has been thwarted this election season because of Trump’s lead in several Republican primaries. Instead of waging a war against a formidable Democratic opponent such as Clinton or Sanders, the Koch brothers are now considering whether to start a campaign targeting Trump, even if it rests alienating a few party members who support the candidate. Koch representatives stated that the plan to move forward with an offensive against Trump depending on how the early primaries turn out.

Trained at M.I.T., Charles Koch is an engineer who has devoted his life to two specific goals which are to expand his family-owned conglomerate and disseminate the gospel of a free and open market. He is a person that rejects party labels and describes himself as a “classical liberal” with the quest to change the political structure of the US. Back in the 1970s, he sought out to demolish the two-party political system by supporting the insurgent Libertarian party. He later returned to the Republican Party with the hopes of introducing more of a libertarian worldview.

Trump’s campaign continues to show that it is a force to reckon with and the Koch network is taking it seriously. The Koch network has no intention to support Trump’s campaign unless he becomes the nominee. One official even said they could see the network not participating in the presidential election at all if it turns out that it becomes a Trump versus Clinton matchup. The Koch’s have no love for any Clinton Administration after experiencing a traumatic period during Bill Clinton’s presidency as they fall off regulators. Since there is still uncertainties, the Koch network must make a carefully planned decision on whether to take on Trump before it is too late.

Check out the original Vanity Fair Article here.

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