Literally Paving a Path toward the Future

Jason Halpern, current principal of JMH development, specialized in real estate development throughout most of his life. What was once his family’s business now turned into his own project.


Halpern is currently workng with JMH development towards developing innovative buildings available for renting and business purposes. They currently invested approximately $500 million towards New York state projects such as a complex of 300-400 luxury apartments on 184 Kent.


There are notable traces of JMH development throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Miami Beach and other areas of high demand. The real estate development company has a high reputation of maintaining major residential areas across the nation. They combine extensive knowledge in the marketplace, developmental skills and expertise on site.


Renovation in the South Beach Area

JMH Development announced the opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel to occur during the beginning of 2015. This hotel will feature


A 24-hour fitness center and 2,349 square feet of area suitable for business meetings and social gatherings

Access to local artists and programming at the hotel’s XYZ bars. The programs will showcase live music performance.


Convenient location close near the Miami Beach Convention Center, art galleries, clubs, restaurants, and boutiques

Eight-story tower with rooms over 360 square feet

Most importantly, it will be one block shy from the shores of Miami Beach, allowing tourists or individuals to have good access to the beach.


Halpern and JMH development are partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures towards the development of the project.

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