Sapphire Rings: More Than Just A Gemstone

Sapphires are truly a unique stone. Used in alchemy, magic, and even healing rituals, this precious gemstone is becoming more popular and sought after every day. The sapphire is rampant in history, mythology, and folklore. Early scholars believed that the stone carried a valuable ability to benefit mankind, if they could only harness it correctly. Helen of Troy, for example, wore a star sapphire. This stone, ideally transparent, was said to bring about her desirability. Early sailors even believed that sapphires could help prevent them from drowning. The sapphire has also been thought to have medicinal, healing, and spiritual properties. The stone, depending on which finger it is worn, can aid in reproduction, strengthen the mind, and even bring joy and happiness.

The sapphire has grown, exponentially, in popularity in recent years. This is due, in part, to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring, surrounded with diamonds. More and more women are foregoing the traditional diamond for a bevy of different colored sapphire stones. Pink and yellow are two of the most popular and most common colors after blue. Unique colors such as purple, green, and orange are rare but, relatively inexpensive. White sapphires, which are not actually white but clear, are a popular substitute for a pricey diamond.

Color changing sapphires are extremely rare and are only found in small quantities in Madagascar and Africa. Traditional sapphire rings generally change color, subtly, from purple to violet under different lighting conditions. These color-change stones change color, drastically, from grayish or greenish-brown to a brownish red.

While most stones are classified as “natural”, this is not always completely true. Many jewelers change the color and clarity of the stone through chemical clarity or heat treatments. Ethical jewelers are required to supply the purchaser with certification that the stone has or has not been treated.

The Natural Sapphire Company has been the world authority on natural, pure, and untreated sapphires since 1939. They pride themselves on the true beauty, rarity, and value in their unique inventory. This sets them apart from other suppliers and jewelry stores.

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