Skout Helped To Find Me An Amazing Husband

I have a great husband, and my friends want to know the secret of how we keep our love so fresh after we’ve been together for years. We keep things to ourselves, especially the things that we do in our bedroom, so we didn’t give out too many details, but we always let people know that we met through Skout. Skout was first known as mostly a dating website, and I thought to join it because I wanted to try something new. Many people have told me not to try online dating because the relationship would never work out anyways, and I would end up being disappointed.

I’m glad that I proved everyone wrong, and everyone sees that my husband and I have a great marriage. How we met is a funny story because we both had joined the Skout network almost simultaneously. We lived in two different states, but he was lonely, and he joined the Skout (techcrunch) network for fun. After hearing so many good things about the network, I decided to join on my own. After joining the network, I conducted a search for a man around my age, and I didn’t request much else. I wasn’t expecting to find the love of my life, I was only hoping to find a man that I could talk to.

After I had talked to a couple guys on the network, I came across my husband, and I really didn’t like him. He seemed a bit rude, and he was too forthcoming with his opinions, but at the same time I respected his opinions. We talked the first day, and I swore I wouldn’t talk to him again, but he messaged me, and the rest is history. I wrote him back, and we began talking on a regular basis until we finally decided to meet.

We met in between the areas that we live, so neither one of us would have to drive too far. After having a wonderful first date, we then had many other great dates, and then he proposed to me one day. We had an amazing engagement party, and it was all based around the theme of online dating. He was so creative, and we made sure to tell everyone at our party that Skout helped to bring us together. We are forever grateful to Skout for bringing us together, and our love grows stronger everyday.

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