Susan McGalla Brings Fashion Campaign to Football League

Susan McGalla is a giving Pittsburgh Steelers fans a great new look with a clothing campaign. As the director of strategic planning she has become one of the most crucial pieces of the Pittsburgh Steelers marketing campaign. She has managed to get more fans to show their team spirit with a revamped clothing line that will give more locals pride about their city and team. McGalla is perfect for this because she is a Pittsburgh native. She knows about the city, and she is familiar with the team. Moreover, she has experience in leadership. As someone that has been the CEO of companies like Wet Seal and America Eagle, Susan has thrived in leadership roles. In her current role as the Director with the strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers she is effective in turning this franchise around. The Steelers have won Super Bowl games in the past. They have been champions, but champions are soon forgotten when they are not in the spotlight anymore. What Susan McGalla has done is keep the team relevant even during the times where they don’t go to the playoffs. She has kept the Pittsburgh Steelers on the minds of the fans even when the team is not in the championship seat. She has managed to keep the team relevant by launching a clothing campaign with Pittsburgh Steelers gear. Susan McGalla’s is the perfect person for this job. According to wikipedia, McGalla has worked in corporate leadership for two clothing companies so she knows what people will buy. She knows the branding strategies that work. She also has the trial and error experience to see through the things that may not be beneficial for the franchise. This is what makes her the perfect person for the position that she has acquired. McGalla has become a catalyst for the bringing a sense of pride back to the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has helped the team gain support from fans, and this will result in a stronger team that will play better. It’s a two way street. The fans support their team, and this encourages the players.

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