The Enduring Power of Affordably Glam Cosmetics

How is it that no matter what seems to happen in the general economy, the makeup industry always seems to thrive, through up times and down times as well. It’s likely because no matter how rough things may get, women have a need to enhance their beauty with reliable cosmetics. It’s just a natural urge that’s part of the feminine mystique, this need to heighten and glam up their lips and eyes, no matter the economy, no matter the weather.

All of this is why certain cosmetics have stood the test of time. A reliable lipstick or lipgloss can do a lot to brighten up a so-so outfit, and for a fraction of the cost of a new wardrobe piece. Just as much as a great new lipstick, a new style of eye liner and eye shadow is really worth it’s weight in gold. The cosmetics industry knows this, of course, and they are working hard to present ideas in new and exciting ways in the marketplace.

Some top brands are now marketing edgier new ideas by linking these new looks to major players in the entertainment industry. Covergirl is now introducing a new makeup line that’s geared to the upcoming Star Wars film release. OPI products did a nail color line with Katy Perry, and Lime Crime, the rock and roll upstart line that’s starting to shake things up, makeup-wise, is featuring models in a rocker fantasy story line on its website.

Lime Crime, which is the brainchild of Russian Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, is a glossy, high-glam makeup line that’s affordably priced to provide lots of excitement and a big bang for the buck. Lime Crime is marketing its boldly colored eye and lip colors to women who have a rock and roll edge to their taste, and who aren’t afraid to make a major beauty statement. The statement seems to be all about the fun of making up and feeling great about looking great, and makeup wise, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

With its kick-ass line of boldly, wildly colored Unicorn Lipsticks and Velvetines Lip Glosses, and its grunge line of eyeshadows, Lime Crime is a company that’s playing for keeps. Lime Crime has solved the riddle of what really works these days in the makeup industry. The answer to the riddle is to give women a glam look they can afford, in a wild range of very wearable colors, that keeps them looking great. And isn’t that really what the cosmetics industry is all about?

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