The Products and Services That Link All of Our Gadgets Deserve Recognition as Well

The technology industry is a hard business to master because it is constantly changing due to the fact that technology is continually advancing. Just ask Blockbuster Video if it was wise for them to put all of their eggs in the basket of the business model of people coming out to a video store to rent DVDs. Oh wait, you can’t ask them because they are out of business. The proliferation of high-speed internet service and more powerful computers and mobile devices enabled media streaming services such as Netflix to serve as the final nail in their coffin.

The field of computers and related areas are a prime part of the tech sector today. This field includes desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and the plethora of services and products that both enable and expand the functionality of all this technology. Networking products are one such important interconnecting element that makes so much of the rest of our technology work and communication services that connect our technical gadgets are also vital.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology executive who knows all about these vital aspects of the tech industry and how they make it work. He was with Verizon at a time when he contributed to their deployment of FiOS high-speed internet service to enable them to compete better against high-speed cable internet services. Additionally, he was with Juniper Networks during most of 2014 as their chief executive officer. Having also been instrumental in the development of Verizon One and Verizon’s Iobi services, he is well versed in the technology that allows the rest of our technology to communicate.

It is always the computers and cool gadgets themselves that seem to get all the press and attention in the tech sector, but think for a moment how useful they would be without that which links them together. A room full of computers in an office might still be useful for individually completing work but only a fraction of what they are worth when they are networked together and enable workers on similar projects to communicate seamlessly and efficiently. The Steve Jobs’ of the world seem to get most of the attention, and they are certainly vital in how they spur creativity and help create the need for additional products and services in this important industry. Executives such as Shaygan Kheradpir, however, are just as vital by possessing the know-how to run businesses that make our devices so much more productive by linking them together so we can use them to communicate with the rest of the world. It is incredible to think back to a time before there was an internet, but when home computers started coming onto the scene people used them for word processing, spread sheets to track expenses and perhaps a couple other things. Now, simply faster versions of the same technology bring a world of information to our fingertips thanks to networking and communication technologies that run the gamut from routers, switches and network management software to the internet itself.

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