Rona Borre, Enterprising Woman of the Year
Rona Borre, Enterprising Woman of the Year

Rona Borre, the CEO and the founder of instant Alliance currently she standout as the foremost entrepreneurs in Chicago. Rona has become an icon, her business is now recognized nationally as a woman- owned business enterprise which has been thriving well over the years.


A woman with self- motivation and self driven heart she focus across the board and possessing the skills of great personalities she been given leadership roles at the Chicago community organizations like the Yong Presidents organization , Economic Club of Chicago and Chicago Network. Her great to work gained public attraction and thus she has attracted the Press which includes USA Today ,CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago ,Craine Chicago and CNN. In addition to that she has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business ledger as the most influential woman in business. Hit this related link.


In line with her success she has been an awarded as the Enterprising woman of the year by the Enterprising Women Magazine adding to his number of accolades awarded to her agency. Rona received her BS in Business from University of Arizona. Rona Borre is passionate about helping companies achieving their goals by pairing them with the absolute best talent.


Rona is learned person who received her BS from the university of Arizona in business ,she walking through the paths of her success and still she’s still walking and therefore ‘’ success is not a destination but a journey ‘’.

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Fabletics And The Success Of The Reverse Showroom Strategy

When Kate Hudson launched her athletic apparel brand Fabletics back in 2013, the company was strictly an online retail company. Since then, Fabletics has become an enormous success thanks in part to its unique subscription-based business model.


While anyone can purchase a piece of athletic apparel from the Fabletics website, there is an option for buyers to become VIP members. By becoming a VIP member, subscribers pay a flat monthly fee of $49.95 and receive a different workout outfit each month that is shipped to their door. Outfits are chosen based on a survey about style preferences that subscribers fill out upon signing up.


Three years and millions of dollars in revenue later, Hudson decided to open up several brick-and-mortar stores throughout the country that would sell Fabletics apparel. While many would believe that online retail has made brick-and-mortar stores obsolete, Hudson has proved them wrong.


The concept is known as the “reverse showroom technique.” Despite the fact that most revenue comes from online subscribers, the brand’s apparel can be purchased in physical stores as well. The intention is to gain the company more online subscribers by allowing them to try on and feel the clothing in person.


This concept isn’t exactly new, it should be noted. Apple has been doing it successfully for almost a decade. However, this is the first apparel company to implement this risky strategy. Luckily for Hudson and her company, it has paid off. Subscribers have increased as the result of allowing them to interact with the clothing in person before signing up.


Thanks to the success of this business strategy, Hudson is planning on opening up several more physical stores over the next three to five years. Some of these stores will be outside of the United States.


While Hudson’s unique business model is a huge part of the brand’s success, one cannot underestimate the power of Hudson herself as a brand. A large part of the success of Fabletics has to do with Hudson’s internet persona. With several million social media followers, fans of the actress turn to her for fitness and wellness tips and see her as a fitness guru. The numerous fans who loved Hudson as an actress propelled Fabletics into prominence.


Fabletics VIP members also stick with the brand because of the apparel items themselves. Online reviews show that products purchased from Fabletics are high in quality yet very affordable. The products, which range from high-performance sports bras to casual jersey dresses, are made with high-tech fabrics that can withstand heavy exercise. In other words, Fabletics products are built to last.


Subscribers also appreciate Hudson’s commitment to creating apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. While many athletic apparel brands cater to smaller sizes, Fabletics offers products that come in a variety of sizes for a diverse group of women.


It’s clear that Fabletics is going to continue to see enormous success over the coming years. Thanks to Hudson’s fearlessness when it comes to adopting new business strategies, the company should continue to bring in tremendous revenue in the years to come.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says He Has Conquered England. Took Three Months


Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has conquered England. We know this because Zlatan has said this. In a recent interview with the, Ibrahimovic discussed his current form and stated that his domination of England took all of three months.

Ibrahimovic has always been one of the best soccer players in the world, and a self-promoter, but his current boast seems to be backed up by cold, hard facts. He has scored 12 goals in his last 12 appearances for United and was named Premier League player of the month for December.

However, Ibrahimovic says he is not interested in individual awards. His main goal is to win the Premier League title. He may just get his wish. Manchester United are on a nine-game winning streak in all competitions and are just three points away from the top four and 10 points off league-leaders Chelsea.

After a shaky start to the season that had pundits writing them off, United are peaking at the right time and Ibrahimovic is leading the way. With big games against Liverpool and Stoke City, United could make up a lot of ground and find themselves in the thick of the title hunt.

When asked if he would like to be the league’s leading scorer, Ibrahimovic stated that he is “not chasing anybody,” referring to league-leading scorer, Diego Costa of Chelse. Ibrahimovic has his eyes set on “the head trophy – the Premier League.”

If Manchester United, who are one of the best soccer teams, do make a run for the title it will be because of the all-around excellent play of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

George Soros to regroup and retool with donors to ‘take back power’

After cutting back on his donations in the recent years, George Soros has shown himself to be determined to aid Hilary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. According to Federal Election Commission records, Soros, who in recent years scaled down on his contributions has committed more than $25 million dollars to the cause.

Even though the 85-year-old Hungarian has been consistent with his donations to Democratic causes, 2016 has shown itself to be a year where the stakes were exceptionally high. Even before the current President-Elect became the nominee, the hostility towards many of the causes that George Soros cared most about and has supported for many years made it clear that it was time to act.

This is not to say that George Soros was the only major financial contributor to Hilary Clinton. There are other elite liberal donors who are also stroking big checks. It has to be said however that few have the pacesetting effect of George Soros.

Just as in the prior election, Soros applied a very precise giving pattern and used his funds to aid various liberal groups.

After the shocking election results were announced, George Soros and other big-money contributors that spent a considerable amount of money trying to elect Hilary Clinton are gathering at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington for a three-day, closed-door meeting on Biography to regroup and retool and come up with a different strategy to use the big-money left to fight back.

It is not unlikely that during this three-day conference many liberals will reassess their approach to politics. One topic on Time that will no doubt be discussed extensively is the future role of the Democracy Alliance, which is co-founded by Soros.

Even though the influence of the DA has been significant over the past years, the need for a reassessment and change of strategy has clearly shown to be required.

Whereas Soros was known to only periodically attend meetings of the Democratic Alliance and is rarely a part of the proceedings, the fact that there is a Tuesday morning appearance scheduled at is a good indication that he is not dialing down his commitment to opposing the current President-Elect.

The conversation with George Soros is one of the many spontaneous changes after the election results and the new reality facing liberals. Even though the outcome of the election was not what Soros strove towards, it is clear that he aims to continue his support to Hilary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.

The Evolution of Lip Balm

Since the nineteenth century, buying lip balm involved looking at the aisles of supermarkets and drug stores for Chapstick. If you preferred to go wild and deviate from the tasteless original flavor, cherry or mint were the available flavors for you.

Seven years ago, a new lip balm known as EOS (Evolution of Smooth) popped at various shelves like Walmart, Target, eBay online store and Walgreens. EOS lip balm has different flavors like grapefruit and honeydew. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were spotted applying them while on their tours. See,

Evolution of Smooth has been speckled all over fashion and beauty magazines but the innovators behind the company have never talked about their strategy until today. The company is worth more than two hundred and fifty million according to consulting and research firm Kline. They have outpaced Blistex and Chapstick and are currently the second best selling lip balm company after Burt Bees.

Research shows that EOS lip balm has expanded the oral care industry and currently sells more than one million units in a single week. The future is bright for the company since it is expected that the industry will be worth more than twenty billion dollars in 2020. This is due to an increased demand for organic and natural products which suits EOS.

Sanjiv Mehra, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Evolution of Smooth, pointed out that when they started, they focused on creating a quality product, distributing it and making sure that the masses knew about it. This product is used by women every day and it elevates their status while doing their tasks.

According to their research, women liked to apply lip balm but the unhygienic nature of applying it with their hands turned them off. They then took advantage of the results and created lip balm tubes. For more information, visit


2017 Will Be Great For Talk Fusion

If 2016 is any indication, the future is incredibly bright for Talk Fusion. A lot of their success that they had in 2016 was because of their founder and CEO, Bob Reina. As with any company, it starts at the top. A truly great company needs a powerful man or woman that knows what they are doing and keeps their eye on the company. For someone like Bob Reina, who started Talk Fusion in 2007, he has always been keenly aware of everything going on with the company. He is very hands on with the company and very interactive with his employees.


A lot of bosses or CEOs talk about having an open door policy in terms of an exchange of ideas and an exchange of conversation, but that does not always occur, sad to say. With Bob Reina, he believes in the team and he believes in everyone that is employed by Talk Fusion. He knows they are a team and they are only as good as a team and when they work together as a team. They make sure to stay on the same page and keep their goals in mind. As of right now, they are probably working on ideas to make Talk Fusion even better in 2017.


It will be hard to top 2016, but if anyone can do it, it is Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. In 2016, they were fortune enough to win two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is the kind of company that is not easy to please, as a product really has to make a strong impression on them in order for them to even consider it. Talk Fusion made an incredibly strong impression, which is why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. That sums up everything that is great about Talk Fusion.


Between their video chats, video emails, video newsletters, and video conferences, they have made communication and solutions easier for everyone that uses the product for their company or in their day-to-day lives. That is what it is all about and they have earned this award.

The Lung Institute Is Helping People With Lung Disease Breathe Easier

Medical advancements have allowed various pulmonary issues such as emphysema, COPD, interstitial lung disease, and chronic bronchitis to be treated with stem cells. Stems cells are collected from the patient that is seeking treatment and they are then used to treat the illness or disease. The stems cells are then injected into the patient through an IV. When the stem cells are injected into the veins they are then carried to the right side of the heart and from there they are directly pumped into the lungs. They become trapped in the lungs which are a good thing because once they are in the lungs they can produce new cells and fight diseased cells. One of the most prominent clinics that successfully use this technique is the Lung Institute. Check out for more details.

The creation of the Lung Institute was a way to provide effective treatment to those individuals that are suffering from debilitating diseases of the pulmonary system. The physician at the Lung Institute use the latest methods and techniques to provide the very best care and services available. The Lung Institue has several locations across the country including Tamp, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburg, and Dallas.

The Lung Institute offers a comfortable atmosphere for treatment and staff that are trained to provide you with the best experience possible. Their world class facility is equipped to handle their special types of procedures quickly and efficiently. If you have a lung disease then the Lung Institute is the place to find the best treatment so you can breathe a little easier.

Visit the Lung Institute’s  Facebook page and website @ to learn more.

$1 Million Challenge Grant from HCM Announced by James Dondero to Clear Family Place’s $16.5 Million Capital Campaign

James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management made an announcement that its award of $1 million challenge grant to assist Family Place. Family Place is a leading organization in Dallas that offers support to victims of family violence.

The grant was to help the organization raise the remaining $2.8 million towards the Legacy Campaign in six months. This announcement came during a luncheon by Family Place for their 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards, held at the Dallas-based Hilton Anatole.

The Grant

The grant will be administered through the Highland Dallas Foundation, Incorporated, Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic arm. The foundation will match 50% of the funds raised towards the capital campaign up to $1 million until April 4, 2017.

From the time Family Place made the announcement on October 4, it has managed to raise an extra $200,000 towards the Legacy Campaign and will be matched with $100,000 by Highland’s grant. The Highland challenge grant is meant to ensure the campaign finishes strongly.

Dondero’s Comments

Dondero explained that the grant was an answer to calls to action by Mike Rawlings (Dallas Mayor) and David Brown (Dallas Police Chief) to help the community deal with the life-threatening issue.

He noted that the Dallas-civic community always gets things done and HCM was impressed by the philanthropic support that enabled Family Place to get to where it was from inception of the concept. James Dandero expressed his pride of being among the community’s most thoughtful and generous. Read More

About James Dondero

James Dondero has over 30 years experience in the equity and credit markets. HCM was incepted in 1993 and has pioneered in developing Collaterized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and the development of credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors globally.

Before HCM, Dondero was the chief investment officer and helped in creating Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary from its inception to about $2B (1989-1993). He was a corporate bond analyst (1985-1989) and Portfolio Manager at the American Express.

He started off his career as an analyst in 1984 (Morgan Guaranty training program). He is an alumni of University of Virginia (Accounting & Finance) and has certifications in CMA, CPA and CFA.

Learn more about James Dandero:


Literally Paving a Path toward the Future

Jason Halpern, current principal of JMH development, specialized in real estate development throughout most of his life. What was once his family’s business now turned into his own project.


Halpern is currently workng with JMH development towards developing innovative buildings available for renting and business purposes. They currently invested approximately $500 million towards New York state projects such as a complex of 300-400 luxury apartments on 184 Kent.


There are notable traces of JMH development throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Miami Beach and other areas of high demand. The real estate development company has a high reputation of maintaining major residential areas across the nation. They combine extensive knowledge in the marketplace, developmental skills and expertise on site.


Renovation in the South Beach Area

JMH Development announced the opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel to occur during the beginning of 2015. This hotel will feature


A 24-hour fitness center and 2,349 square feet of area suitable for business meetings and social gatherings

Access to local artists and programming at the hotel’s XYZ bars. The programs will showcase live music performance.


Convenient location close near the Miami Beach Convention Center, art galleries, clubs, restaurants, and boutiques

Eight-story tower with rooms over 360 square feet

Most importantly, it will be one block shy from the shores of Miami Beach, allowing tourists or individuals to have good access to the beach.


Halpern and JMH development are partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures towards the development of the project.

Sapphire Rings: More Than Just A Gemstone

Sapphires are truly a unique stone. Used in alchemy, magic, and even healing rituals, this precious gemstone is becoming more popular and sought after every day. The sapphire is rampant in history, mythology, and folklore. Early scholars believed that the stone carried a valuable ability to benefit mankind, if they could only harness it correctly. Helen of Troy, for example, wore a star sapphire. This stone, ideally transparent, was said to bring about her desirability. Early sailors even believed that sapphires could help prevent them from drowning. The sapphire has also been thought to have medicinal, healing, and spiritual properties. The stone, depending on which finger it is worn, can aid in reproduction, strengthen the mind, and even bring joy and happiness.

The sapphire has grown, exponentially, in popularity in recent years. This is due, in part, to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring, surrounded with diamonds. More and more women are foregoing the traditional diamond for a bevy of different colored sapphire stones. Pink and yellow are two of the most popular and most common colors after blue. Unique colors such as purple, green, and orange are rare but, relatively inexpensive. White sapphires, which are not actually white but clear, are a popular substitute for a pricey diamond.

Color changing sapphires are extremely rare and are only found in small quantities in Madagascar and Africa. Traditional sapphire rings generally change color, subtly, from purple to violet under different lighting conditions. These color-change stones change color, drastically, from grayish or greenish-brown to a brownish red.

While most stones are classified as “natural”, this is not always completely true. Many jewelers change the color and clarity of the stone through chemical clarity or heat treatments. Ethical jewelers are required to supply the purchaser with certification that the stone has or has not been treated.

The Natural Sapphire Company has been the world authority on natural, pure, and untreated sapphires since 1939. They pride themselves on the true beauty, rarity, and value in their unique inventory. This sets them apart from other suppliers and jewelry stores.