Koch Brothers Weigh Options to Take Out Trump

Conservative impresario and wealthy industrialist Charles Koch recently spoke with Vanity Fair about his disillusionment with politics in general and the state of the Republican presidential race. Along with his brother David, he was responsible for helping to raise approximately $400 million through their donor network for the Mitt Romney campaign, which resulted in a loss to Barack Obama in 2012. By 2016, Charles and his brother along with their allies pledged nearly $900 million for Republican opponents in the general election to the top Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. However, they still need to work out a calculated plan because of a misjudged candidate and serious contender, Donald Trump.

Normally, the Koch network fulfills its duty to help install a Republican into the White House during every presidential election. However, that goal has been thwarted this election season because of Trump’s lead in several Republican primaries. Instead of waging a war against a formidable Democratic opponent such as Clinton or Sanders, the Koch brothers are now considering whether to start a campaign targeting Trump, even if it rests alienating a few party members who support the candidate. Koch representatives stated that the plan to move forward with an offensive against Trump depending on how the early primaries turn out.

Trained at M.I.T., Charles Koch is an engineer who has devoted his life to two specific goals which are to expand his family-owned conglomerate and disseminate the gospel of a free and open market. He is a person that rejects party labels and describes himself as a “classical liberal” with the quest to change the political structure of the US. Back in the 1970s, he sought out to demolish the two-party political system by supporting the insurgent Libertarian party. He later returned to the Republican Party with the hopes of introducing more of a libertarian worldview.

Trump’s campaign continues to show that it is a force to reckon with and the Koch network is taking it seriously. The Koch network has no intention to support Trump’s campaign unless he becomes the nominee. One official even said they could see the network not participating in the presidential election at all if it turns out that it becomes a Trump versus Clinton matchup. The Koch’s have no love for any Clinton Administration after experiencing a traumatic period during Bill Clinton’s presidency as they fall off regulators. Since there is still uncertainties, the Koch network must make a carefully planned decision on whether to take on Trump before it is too late.

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The ten holdings at James Dondero’s Highland Capital

Highland capital management led by James Dondero filled its quarterly 13F which filled a portfolio hedge fund of up to $3.42 billion in value. However, this was a decrease from the previous quarter with $1.49 billion. The filling represented about 22.73% of Highland Capital Management Lp’s assets that are in the United States listing. This is based on $15.04 billion in assets that is under management.

In this quarter, the five biggest new positions held in James Dondero’s Highland capital management Lp include, Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) for $23.35 million, Danaher Corp Del (DHR) for $17.24 million, Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr for $67.07 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EGRX) for $17.73 million and Intra Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCL) for $15.90 million.
The filing also raised the hedge funds in American Airls Group Inc, Corning Inc (GLW), Patterson Companies Inc (PDCO), Kinder Morgan Inc Del and Salesforce Com Inc.
James Dondero stands out as the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He currently lives in Dallas, TX and has been working with the credit and equity markets for the past thirty years. The markets has been largely directed to distressed and high-yield investing. He is also the current chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. Dondero also serves in American Banknote and MGM studio’s Board as a member. Watch Jim and his team ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.
Jim graduated from the University of Virginia in McIntire School of Commerce where he majored in Accounting and finance. Dondero also stands as a Certified Management Accountant and this has earned him the right to use the chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Jim began his career in 1984 working as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He later worked at GIC subsidiary where he was a Chief Investment Officer and later on at American Express where he served as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later on a Portfolio manager.
Being a very active philanthropist, Dondero formed the Highland Capital. So far since it was formed in 1993, it has pioneered development of the collateralized Loan Obligation market. This has helped create solutions for retail and institutional investors worldwide.

Philip Diehl Gives Podcast Interview About Gold Coin Ownership

Philip Diehl recently gave an interview on the ePodcast Network, and his interview covered a range of topics regarding gold coin investments. Coin investments are not the first option for many people, but coin investment is something Philip Diehl believes is necessary. Prnewswire explains why gold coin investment through a company like US Money Reserve is important for financial stability.

#1: Philip Diehl Is A Former US Mint Director And President Of US Money Reserve

There is no man in America more qualified to speak about the coin investment world than Philip Diehl. Philip managed the US Mint as director, and he runs the US Money Reserve in his semi-retirement. Philip believes so strongly in gold coins that he runs a company that creates gold coins for the market.

#2: Gold Coins Have A Value That Is Easy To Ascertain

Anyone who owns gold coins may easily check the value of their coin through the world gold markets or trading circles. The special coins created by US Money Reserve are amazing items that have high values, and they are popular on the trading scene. Traders will collect gold coins from US Money Reserve, and the coins always have a saleable value on the open market.

#3: Why Does Philip Prefer Gold Coins?

Gold coins are easy to hold and manage. Someone who owns a large cache of gold coins may keep those coins in a safe or safe deposit box, and the coins will continue to rise in value over the years. Philip wants investors to consider gold ownership because of its simplicity. Checking the stock market every day it too complex, but checking the world gold prices is typically a pleasant surprise. Gold prices have been rising for as long as anyone can remember.

#4: When Should Owners Sell Their Coins?

According to Crunchbase, owners must sell their coins at the time that their coins are of the highest value possible. Gold coins may be used to park money for several decades, and the grandchildren may cash in the coins. Other investors will hold their coins until retirement, and the coins will provide a retirement income from a single sale. The coins are easy to manage, and their value is obvious on the open market.

Philip Diehl believes that companies like his US Money Reserve are the best place to invest. The gold coins produced by US Money Reserve are easy to purchase, easy to store and easy to sell in the future.

Premium Dog Food Sales Are Doing Well

Those who truly love their dogs want to be 100% sure the pets are well taken care of. Feeding a pet a healthy diet is one very important way to care for it. People are not overlooking the benefits of a good diet. As an article in the Daily Herald reveals, premium dog food sales are skyrocketing. Out of the $23.7 billion per year pet food industry, well over $10 billion per year is being spent on premium brands. Premium dog food selections are those made with very special ingredients. Beneful, a brand produced by the famous Purina company, puts roasted turkey, fresh fish, green vegetables, and even certain fruits into various dry and wet foods. The ingredients are not just slopped together. Beneful puts serious thought into the recipes for the foods sold under its brands. Owners want something more for their pets than run-of-the-mill foods. Premium dog food reflects something special, and owners are willing to pay extra for such food. The work that goes into manufacturing premium dog food positively reflects serious work at making sure the brands meet the expectations of their customers. Only the very best quality of ingredients are chosen to be part of the mix. A gourmet approach to cooking the dog food is then employed. Once completed, portions of the cooked food are tried out by taste testers. The approved ingredient are then sent to be mixed and packaged in traditional dog food form. Dog owners are not going to have any trouble finding food selections such as Beneful. Finding special Beneful brands filled with salmon, lamb, or mixed vegetables does not require visiting a specialty pet food shop. Retail stores are carrying premium dog food selections in abundance. Some of the biggest names in the retail store business are now carrying premium dog food brands. The expanded access has absolutely contributed to the increase in sales. Pet owner (and pet) satisfaction plays a role in the boosted sales as well.

A Great Wikipedia Page Will Get A Business Noticed

Perception is everything. A business perceived positively by customers is going to be better primed to do well. Creating an appealing public image factors into the creation of a positive perception. Wikipedia is a perfect forum for those hoping to greatly expand an online presence beyond blogs, websites, and social media profiles.

Myths about Wikipedia are, sadly, prevalent. The Register in the U.K. published a list of top myths people believe. Business owners should not fall into the trap of believing these myths. Untruths are just not helpful to a business’ cause. One myth notes that Wikipedia content is not created solely out of a motivation to provide free knowledge. Another myths points out people do make money, sometimes indirectly, from publishing content on Wikipedia. The dispelling of these myths should lead business owners to realize producing content for the site is smart business strategy.

The internet is vast, and anyone hoping to capture the attention of the millions upon millions of people who surf the internet do need to create the largest presence as possible. Producing a number of promotional pages on a free site builder platform is better than nothing, but not by much. The online presence has to include credible platforms such a Wikipedia. 

To make a Wikipedia page, one must follow certain rules and standards, both of which contribute to the all-important credibility a business-related page requires. When readers come across an entry in Wikipedia, they feel they are reading something that has passed editorial muster. As a result, the page delivers that vaunted positive impression on the reader.

Third-party editors are going to have a chance at fixing Wikipedia business page creation results that fail to adhere to rules or live up to community standards. Businesses should not look appreciatively on this type of help. If the site’s community of contributors have to make changes to a page, there is something wrong with the content. This situation should be avoided. The way to avoid it is to create the best content from the start.

In order to make sure the business presents the message a business needs to convey, the writers and editors have to be in agreement with the business’ owner. Requesting the Wikipedia writing services of Get Your Wiki is one way to achieve this end. Get Your Wiki provides the best writing and editing services a business could request. A greatly improved only presence is then accessible once a solid Wikipedia page has been created. Get your free quote within 24 hours here >> http://www.getyourwiki.com/

Thor Halvorssen on Christian Persecution

Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation based on his parent’s experience. His father was wrongly persecuted by the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot while she was attending a peaceful protest. After attending the University of Pennsylvania, he moved to London where he became active in protesting South African apartheid. He then went on to found several human rights organizations before going on to found the Human Rights Foundation.
One of the missions of the Human Rights Foundation is to promote self-determination around the world. Thor feels that one area where people should be able to determine what they believe is in religion. Many Christians are persecuted.
One place where Christians are highly persecuted is North Korea. Of the 26 million people who live in North Korea, it is estimated that 300,000 of them are Christians. Approximately 60,000 North Koreans are placed in forced labor camps because of their faith. One individual who managed to escape from these horrendous camps said the only place she felt free to worship in the country was in the outhouse at the camp.
Another country of extreme concern is Eritrea, located in the Horn of Africa. The United State’s State Department says that this country is of particular concern because of its severe persecution of Christians. Despite this persecution, it is estimated that almost 2.5 million people in the country of 6.5 million people are Christians.
Thor Halvorssen realizes that he cannot fight the battle for everyone to live in an open society by himself. He is very proud of organizations that have joined forces to help him in the battle. One of those organizations is the Centipede Movement where Thor serves on the board. This organization allows children living in open society countries, like Canada, to collect school supplies for children who would not otherwise have these supplies. Thor believes that the future of creating open societies around the world lies in showing young people that they can make a difference.

China’s Attempt To Manipulated The Yuan Fizzled Quickly But More Tricks Are Expected

China is trying every trick in the capitalistic book to strengthen their fragmented economy. The manufacturing sector of the Chinese economy is shrinking faster than the government expected, and the transition to a consumer-driven economy is not moving in the right direction either. China recently tried to starve offshore markets of funds while the government pumped money into their domestic banks. According to the offered rate for three-month yuan loans in Hong Kong, the rate fell by almost 5.0 percent recently, and that is 59 basis points lower than the last day of 2015.

Jim Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management, said funds will have to start to flow offshore so a block of yuan can be borrowed and sold unless the Chinese have more manipulating and controlling tricks up their financial sleeve. Jim Dondero is one of the leading hedge fund managers in the world, and he is an expert in credit allocation. Jim co-founded Dallas-based Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada in 1993, and the firm has been growing in asset management ever since then.
Dondero got his start as an accountant, but he quickly got comfortable with investing after he graduated from the University of Virginia. Highland Capital has offices all over the world. The firm has more than $15 billion in assets under management, and Dondero expects that number to increase in 2016. Jim said China is creating several issues for investors and speculators, but the only way to deter speculators would be to increase domestic interest rates, and China can’t do that and expect their economy to grow, according to Dondero.

China is trying to prevent investors from short selling. Billionaire George Soros is one of the investors that China has openly accused of betting against the yuan.

The Chinese foreign exchange policy doesn’t resemble their macroeconomic domestic policy goals, and that is creating serious issues for other markets around the world. Chinese investors are moving their money out of the country because they fear the yuan’s value will continue to drop.

Highland Capital Management investors know that China has the ability to continue to sink billions into their economy and in their stock market in order to keep their gross domestic product rate close to 7.0 percent a year. But according to George Soros and Jim Dondero the Chines GDP rate in 2016 will be more like 3.5 percent.

According to the article published by Bloomberg.com, the Chinese plan to keep the exchange rate stable between the dollar and the yuan this year. Soros was quoted in that Bloomberg article, and he said he was shorting Asian currency not the yuan, but the article also mentioned the fact that the Chinese think it is just the yuan that Soros has targeted.

China Needs Brazil To Stimulate Their Economy According To BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães

According to a Gallup survey, the most upbeat people in the world are Latinos. The people of Brazil fall are in that category, but they are being tested by a two-year-old recession that is expected to last for another two years. BMG Bank President and mining entrepreneur, Ricardo Guimarães thinks the recession won’t last that long because Brazil’s main trading partner, China, is going to get the country’s exports moving again.

Mr. Guimarães says the fortunes of both China and Brazil are linked to commodities. Oil is not the only commodity that fuels the Brazilian economy, according to Guimarães. Iron, coffee, soybeans and other products are key products that will help China’s new economic strategy. The new Chinese economy is rooted in consumer purchases and products.

China’s president was recently interviewed by R7.com, and he said the Chinese economy will grow by at least 6.5 percent in 2016, and that will help China increase the amount of goods they import from Brazil. China accounts for half of all the commodities that Brazil sends around the world. For more than a decade, China has been buying Brazilian commodities in large quantities. The Chinese spent $83 billion on Brazilian goods in 2013 compared to $2 billion in 2000.

R7.com also interviewed Ricardo Guimarães, and he said China’s growth rate may not reach 6.5 percent, but it could be around 6.2 percent and that growth should be enough to increase their buying power. If China has another meltdown, Guimarães thinks India will be Brazil’s next big trading partner. Increasing exports to India will definitely help end the recession faster than expected.

When the popular bank president is not being interviewed about the Brazilian economy, he is being interviewed about his soccer sponsorships. BMG Bank sponsors eight Series A Soccer Clubs, and the bank spends millions of dollars doing it. But those sponsorships have made the bank a very profitable family owned bank. According to CrunchBase.com, BMG Bank is the leader in personal and payroll loans in Brazil. BMG Bank is not in the top ten when it comes to assets, but the bank is number one in popularity thanks to soccer sponsorships.

Being the president of the most influential bank in the football market in Brazil has it advantages, according to a recent post by CMBH.mg.gov.br. Ricardo was awarded the Diploma of Merit from the city of Belo Horizonte for his contributions to soccer, tennis and volleyball. Guimarães was born in Belo Horizonte. Ricardo told the CMBH.mg.gov.br interviewer that city’s award is one of his greatest honors, and he would do everything in his power to continue to help his hometown grow economically. Ricardo Guimarães, the well-known banker and sports aficionado is also a great humanitarian.

The Stock Market Is Reacting To World Issues But Some Investors Believe 2016 Will Be A Good Year For Stocks

The agreement between the United States and Iran may not be a good one for the stock market, according to some investors. Iran is increasing their oil production now that sanctions are lifted, and that move is one of the reasons crude prices are trading at $28 a barrel. That may be good news for American consumers, but investors don’t like it. Many investors are pulling out of the market because of Iran’s decision, China’s stock sell-off and some of the issues that are developing in Europe.

But in spite of world issues, many stock market analysts say the stock market will produce better returns than the returns realized in 2015. One reason for the optimism is several industries are expanding and making money in spite of world conditions. Healthcare stocks and information stocks continue to give some investors a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Investors like the President of Highland Capital Management is one of those investors. Jim Dondero is one of the co-founders of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has been investing a lot of money in stocks for more than 22 years, and he believes 2016 will be good to Highland Capital investment partners because of their stock investments. Jim Dondero is also an expert in alternative credit solutions, so Highland Capital has one of the most profitable hedge funds in the industry.

Dondero and his partners believe in the 2016 stock market. The world is always going to produce some glitches in stock prices, but Jim Dondero says those glitches are temporary. But other investors are not convinced. Forbes.com published an article that brought up that fact. Many investors are putting their money in other vehicles this year, and Forbes.com thinks that decision may be premature and so does Dondero. Highland Capital invested several million in the market in December of 2015. They believe patience will endure in 2016, and Forbes.com thinks so too. Check out Jim’s Twitter below!!

But some investors think China will throw a monkey wrench in stock prices in 2016 plus the Italian bank situation could create another sell-off. Dondero and Forbes.com say anything is possible, but that is the nature of the market. If investors want a sure thing, they should put their money in bonds or other investment vehicles. The stock market is for those that are willing to wait, and reap the rewards that patience brings. Patience is a virtue and also a profit generator in the stock market.

Handy Boasts Success While Major Competitor Shuts Down

Homejoy Inc., the home repairs and home cleaning startup company, has recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and announced on their blog that the company would be closing their doors. Despite raising $38 million in start up funding from major names like First Round Capita, Google Ventures, and Redpoint Ventures, as well as having David Hasselhoff as their commercial spokesperson, the company has been unable to remain in business.

Homejoy offered $25 per hour home cleaning in five different countries as well as carpet cleaning services and home repairs. Sadly, due to unresolved challenges in the home services space the company could not remain in business. One of the founders openly blamed the companies troubles on the numerous worker classification lawsuits filed against them. The lawsuits threatened to reclassify their contractors as employees which would have raised their labor costs by 20%-40%.
While Homejoy was unable to make their startup company a full fledged success, another home repair company is celebrating many wins in the industry. Handy Technologies Inc., a similar startup company that provides furniture assembly, home repairs, and cleaning services was able to raise $50 million in funding at the end of the fiscal year from major companies like Fidelity Management and Highland Capital Partners. This brings their overall total in funding to over $110 million.
Handy has grown to offer all their services in over 20 cities located in North America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Their simple app gives customers the ability to easily and quickly book the services they need from vetted professionals and an electronic payment option. Handy does all the background work for the customer, and is able to provide trusted professionals around the customers schedule. The services is also a win for their contractors who have the ability to work jobs that fit their time frame and can work as little or as much as they like.
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