Igor Cornelsen on Investing Intelligently

Igor Cornelsen is a world renowned banker from Brazil. He has a had a long career in investment banking in his home country. Brazil is known for its difficult business culture and legal landscape on http://www.thestreet.com/story/12997973/1/investing-in-brazil-igor-cornelsens-top-3-tips.html, and Igor Cornelsen has decided to lend a few words on how to maneuver the complicated Brazilian system.

First, it should be noted that Brazil’s own economy is in a rut while its banks flourish. This is a distinction that has lead many to think about continuing investment banking in the country. The reason these banks have survived is the heavy concentration on credit; according to Igor Cornelsen, all banks in the private sector solely lend to borrowers who have high marks in their credit. This gives an inherent and proven security to the investment that makes it a safe bet.

Secondly, Igor Cornelsen has been looking fondly on the new finance minister, Joaquim Levy, to bring the economy back on track. However, he warns that investors should wait a while and see what happens before taking any risky investments. This points back to tip number one. In any case, as soon as the economy at http://imgfave.com/IgorCornelsen seems to be taking an upturn once more, it will be time to invest given the government’s sustainable policies.

Third, China is a very important factor in Brazilian investment trading on https://www.resume.com/igorcornelsen. Given that China is Brazil’s largest trading partner, it is important to pay attention to the Chinese economy as much as Brazil’s. When China’s economy is falling, so is Brazil’s economy and vice versa. Currently, China is on uneven ground and this has lead to an unsteady investment market in Brazil.

While the current situation in Brazil may seem risky, Igor Cornelsen’s tips will help make strategic investment decisions when thinking about making a new investment in the largest economy of South America. 

Athleisure: A Recent Trend

In the past couple of years, a new trend has seem to have taken over the fashion market in a wonderful way. Athleisure, or stylish athletic wear, is all the rage. Celebrities, singers, and everyday people like ourselves love our yoga pants, vibrant leggings and other athletic wear-it’s inevitable.

Athleisure is seen literally everywhere. Almost every big name brand has its own line of gym and workout apparel. Athleisure has become a “lifestyle,” was one thing written in a recent article. It is for certain here to stay, as it promotes healthier lifestyles and and motivates people to work out. To read more from this article, visit Business Insider.

Meet one of athliesures newer brands, Fabletics – read full story at The Coupon Lady. With it’s spokeswoman, a popular celebrity, Kate Hudson shows off her toned body in beautiful vibrant colored yoga and athletic wear.

Quite frankly, she is an inspiration and makes you want to purchase everything on their website. With introduction costs for twenty five dollars for an outfit plus free shipping, it is a super tempting offer.

Since athliesure has become a trend, it has allowed for retailers to increase the prices on these fun articles of clothing by quite a bit. Retailers like Nike, Under Armour and the likes are selling these athletic pieces for incredibly high prices.

According to Instagram, Fabletics is a great inspiration to try out this trend at an affordable cost. Once you go athleisure, there’s no coming back from it. The styles are cute, comfy, vibrant, and promote a healthy lifestyle. You might want to climb aboard the Athleisure train.

Yeonmi Park Writes her Survival Story in Her New Book

Yeonmi Park has been through so much trauma and trials and she goes into them in detail in her new Amazon released book entitled In Order to Live. Her story deals with her escape from North Korea and the time she spent under the captivity of human trafficking. This story demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit. She goes into detail about her family and all of the things that she had to endure being trafficked while in China. Her story is told in a matter of fact tone as she details each incident that she has gone through in a non-compromising manner.

Yeonmi Park‘s memoir stands out because she tells the complete truth about what happened to her and how she responded to her situation. She has spent years separated from her mother and sister while being trafficked. She eventually was able to reunite with her mother. Her time being trafficked resulted in her working up the courage and resolve to fight for her freedom. Her book is heartbreaking, and yet at the same time, it is inspiring. It shows that people can overcome anything.

Park has made her appearance at the One Young World Summit where she told her story about what she went through in North Korea and being trafficked. Her Youtube videos has gone viral and she has gained the attention of millions of people. They are now aware of the horrors of North Korea at the hands of the Kim Dynasty. She has also gone on numerous interviews and shed more insight on the situation at North Korea. Of course there is more at stake with her because North Korea is firing back at Yeonmi Park with propaganda videos. As of right now, Yeonmi Park is studying to become a human rights activist in South Korea. Her original plan was to just put the nightmare behind her. However, she couldn’t let people suffer without knowing that there is the possibility of a lifestyle beyond the oppression.





Fighting Corruption with Helane Morrison

When you are dealing with business and politics, it truly takes a special person to uphold ethics and to stand up for what is right. There is a large amount of corruption that is widespread in the majority of the corporations and businesses that we as citizens interact with on the daily basis. Helane Morrison has taken it upon herself to address these things that are of a huge detriment to business, which directly and indirectly pose a huge problem to the lives of each American, and it is through these types of people that we may finally be able to reach a great point in the economy and business world.
There are far too many companies out there that operate in any which way that they feel is conducive to their overall revenue, throwing out business ethics entirely. The worst part is the fact that there are so many people that are fully corrupt, or at least look the other way when this type of thing transpires, which eventually leads to a huge amount of corruption in business. Helane Morrison has dedicated her life of work to combat this type of corruption and to minimize the amount of corruption that takes place in the business world. This type of work is absolutely essential when you consider the fact that a huge amount of people flat out do not trust major corporations anymore, do not trust the banks, and would rather that they keep their money in cash reserves in some cases. There is no denying the fact that we in the United States have been through periods where the banks crashed, which was led people to be cautious. Since 2008, when there was a huge economic crisis, there has been an even greater concern.
The bottom line is that there needs to be people that are fighting for ethics in business, that want to end the corruption that takes place that puts all of us as citizens in a worse place, and really wants what is best for the average American. The sad truth is the fact that there are very few people who really care about this type of thing in business, which is why it is so great that there are people out there like Helane Morrison. If we want to move forward and have a strong economic system in place, we need to trust our banks and our major companies ethics, which is what Helane is fighting for.

Get Rid of Sulfates, Gain Shine!

WEN Hair by Chaz is a hair care system. Why should someone go off shampoo? Sulfates. They are chemically engineered to give hair that feel good clean bubbly lather when washing, but ultimately are causing long term hair and scalp damage. Sulfates run a spectrum of being irritating to causing cancer. Using them, will make hair feel cleaner, it is at the expense of exposing the head, scalp and hair to toxins. Is it worth it? Chaz Dean does not think so. And he created a better alternative. A cleansing conditioner with a built in styling treatment, that is good for the hair and scalp, and leaves hair ready to style without additional chemicals needed.

Emily McClure a blogger for Bustle.com tried the Wen hair system for a week and documented it for the world to see. Her article tells what it felt like for her using Wen, and has plenty of pictures published to show her results. Interestingly, day one with WEN Hair Emily notices her hair feels thicker, shinier and bouncier. Important to note, she did find that a very thorough rinse was required to help prevent any weight on her fine hair.

By day five, McClure reports super soft locks and total confidence about hair. On his infomercials Chaz Dean does note that there is a transition period as hair withdraws from the toxic sulfates. The bodies PH must acclimate to a healthier alternative. Day six, McClure’s friends notice an increase in shine. By the last day of her week, she felt comfortable with her hair. Wen hair on amazon, calmed her curls and brought shine to her locks. With fine hair, daily washing was recommended.


Keith Mann on His Scholarship Program

Dynamic Search Partners is a firm whose main goal and objectives include searching for the best talent for the hedge fund and the private equity industries. This firm is headed by Keith Mann, who has driven the company to be one of the biggest staffers in the hedge fund industry.

The company was founded by Keith Mann. Having unveiled so much potential, Keith and Keely have unveiled a scholarship for professional achievement. This achievement is specifically designed to recognize and motivate the young lads who are coming up the ranks thereby ensuring that the future will be safe.
Keith and Keely have partnered with uncommon schools for the purpose of awarding this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to one graduating senior student each year at the uncommon schools in Brooklyn.
Uncommon schools is an organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools in a bid to boost the chances of closing the achievement gap. This is meant to help students coming from poor backgrounds to graduate from college, thereby boosting their livelihood.
The scholarship program is determined through a 1000wrd essay that the applicant writes seeking to explain the effect that a college degree would have in their lives as well as in achieving their professional goals.
The applications are then submitted to the relevant offices and the best essay guarantees the student a scholarship to go and pursue their dreams. This scholarship is limited to graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, Newyork.
Keith Mann is of the opinion that education can change a generation, it out of this knowledge that Mann formed Dynamic Search Partners that seeks to finding the best suited employees depending on a client’s needs by finding the very best students with strong leadership capacity.
In the past Brooklyn has been known to be one of the hotspot areas for gangs and other associated criminal activity. Offering quality education guarantees a gradual reduction in the crime rate as well as reduces drug abuse. This is one of the reasons why Mann seeks to change the life of the best students. Change begins with you and Keith Mann has been the change he wants to see through the scholarship program.

US Money Reserve Donates Portion of Proceeds to the Lone Sailor Statue Project

The US Money Reserve recently announced plans on Kusi.com to donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of gold and silver coins of the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The company announced that the donations will go towards financing the statue of a Lone Sailor that will be installed in Pearl Harbor. The statue commemorates the patriotic men and women sailors who were called into action after the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago.

The project will be carried out as a joint venture between US Money Reserve and US Navy Memorial Foundation. The statue is a special dedication to all the sailors serving in the sea services who have put their lives on the line to protect freedom. It embodies honor, devotion and respect to duty and service. It is also meant to inspire the youth while honoring the men and women serving at sea together with their families.

Specifications of the Statue

The lone sailor will be a seven foot tall bronze statue weighing around 1000lbs. The sailor will be carrying a sea bag together with a cleat weighing a total of 700lbs. In addition, some of the steel from USS Arizona will also be used to make part of the base for the statue. It was created by Stanley Bleifeld, the current sculptor for the US Navy Memorial.

About the US Navy Memorial Fund

It is located in Washington DC on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was established to provide a living tribute to the men and women of the Navy people while honoring their service.

About US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve according to goldnewsnetwork.com is one of the biggest private distributors of us gold, silver and platinum products. Its head office is located in Austin, Texas. The reserve was founded in 2001 and has since then grown into on the largest global private distributors of special metals and coins.

Originally Published on Yahoo News: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/recognition-75th-anniversary-u-money-130000239.html

Interesting Facts About Investment Banking

The Definition of Investment Banking

Investment banking is a process carried out by investment banks to help all types of business organizations and government agencies to raise capital. Investment bankers are the experts who are involved in investment banking. They primarily help create capital by underwriting debts and other equity securities. They basically advise government entities and other business organizations on the options they have on securities and company stock. The bankers advise on things like the net worth of your company and other specific issues.

Planning to Merge or Sell Your Company?
If you are planning to merge or sell your company, you definitely need the help of an investment banker. The whole process is very complex for an ordinary person. Investment bankers help you out with this as they are the experts. The process has many requirements and every step has to be completed in a specific way and in a specified time frame. They have the whole process at their fingertips and it is quite easy for them. They prepare all the documents required to complete the process.

Planning to Issue Stocks to Investors?

You also need an investment banker if your company is planning to issue stock to investors. An investment banker becomes a middleman in the whole process. The banker will act as a link between your company and the potential investor. They will make sure that your company gets the best deal and that nothing goes wrong.

There are many investment bankers out there all competing with each other. You deserve the services of the best investment bankers like Martin Lustgarten to carry out a successful IPO for your company.

More About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker with a vast experience in the financial market and unparalleled knowledge in the world’s economy. He is a successful investment banker and is the founder and the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, an investment bank bearing his name.

He is based in South Florida and he understands the dynamics of developing markets of South America very well. He is very active in social media and in this way, he interacts with his clients at personal level. Through this, he personally advises his clients on how to achieve financial success.

American Influencer Jon Urbana Carves Out His Path in Life

You don’t need to spend more than a minute on his Twitter page to discover that Mr. Jon Urbana has many interests in life that he has invested in as well as many accomplishments that he has worked hard for. His areas of interest are many and he continues to pursue other ventures in life that are important to him. Aside from all of his other passions, he has become a certified pilot. Urbana also thrived on Villanova’s lacrosse team and now remains head over a skin care laser business and founded his own charity foundation.

With the different changes and new standards evolving through the FAA, he has been recognized for his education efforts and medical standards to have exceeded the expectations of the Federal Aviation Administration. They certainly recommend that all flight attendees travel with a certified pilot to ensure safety and prevent something terrible happening. With Urbana’s experienced flight standards administered by the FAA, he has achieved high standards for his pilot status.

His youth lacrosse camp that he founded is called Next Level Lacrosse, a camp founded by Jon Urbana. It’s based in Denver, Colorado and he started the camp so that players can learn the fundamentals of the game from professional lacrosse athletes. They are the future of Lacrosse, and if they can help the players while they’re young and find the correct position for them, they can utilize their skills better. He started the camp in 2011 along with his friend Lou Braun.

Aside from his other busy activities and business ventures, he is head of biz dev at Ellipse USA, which is a laser skin care facility that has many offices located throughout the United States. They are a company that focuses on correcting skin care issues such as wrinkles, acne scars or other concerns that the patient may have. They concentrate on patient care and client satisfaction, making them one of the leading skin care facilities in the world.

Jon Urbana is also the founder of a charity campaign that helps cats to remain at the shelter and not be killed. All of the proceeds that he collects are donated to the shelter where the cats live until they are re-homed with foster parents. Urbana has always exhibited care and concern when it comes to animals, and hopes to continue with donations.

The Zika Virus May Cause Mild Symptoms But It Poses A Huge Threat To Pregnant

Women According To Medical Investigator Sergio Cortes
Most of the information scientists have accumulated about the Zika virus has come from Brazil this year. Doctor Sergio Cortes has been digging up pertinent about the Zika virus, and he has been posting it on his website for the last eleven months. Dr. Cortes is a medical advisor to Brazil’s Ministry of Health, and one of the first doctors to investigate the reason for the Zika virus outbreak. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were responsible for surge in Zika virus cases in Brazil at first, but new information points to another source that has hastened the spread of the virus. Dr. Cortes believes some infected individuals can pass the virus to other people through sexual contact.
The news that the virus can spread through human contact has been a game-changer for researchers that are trying to answer some of the questions that surround Zika. Dr. Cortes posted an article on his LinkedIn page that said the World Health Organization has issued a warning about having sexual contact in countries where the virus is spreading rapidly. That warning won’t stop too many people. More than 20 percent of the people that are infected with Zika never have symptoms. So those people feel the warning doesn’t apply to them.
The World Health Organization has also issued a warning to pregnant women. There is strong evidence to support the theory that the Zika virus causes microcephaly. Microcephaly is a disease that causes underdeveloped brains in fetuses and newborn babies have small and unusual shaped heads. More than 4,000 microcephaly cases have been reported in Brazil. The norm is 150 cases a year, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes Facebook page. The spike in microcephaly happened in the same Northeastern state in Brazil where the Zika virus first appeared.
In several Cortes tweets, the Doctor warns people that the virus is capable of causing paralysis as well. Some people that are infected become paralyzed a few weeks after the initial symptoms of the virus disappear. That condition is called Guillain-Barre syndrome, and there have been more cases of that disease reported since the Zika outbreak.
Zika has been moving through South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico faster than any other reported virus in the last 20 years. There are eradication programs in progress to get rid of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, but there’s much chance of success in that endeavor, according to some researchers. There is no vaccine, and it doesn’t look like there will be one this year.
Even though the Zika virus is not considered life threatening, researchers still don’t know how it acts once it enters the body and that fact is scaring people all over the world.