Careers in Investment Banking

It is quite hard to get involved with investment banking on any level which includes careers. Even people that have graduated with honors in a major that is related to the field of investment banking, it is still very hard to land a job as an investment banker due to the small amount of jobs that are offered compared to the amount of people trying to get into the a position at an investment bank. A lot more is required than submitting an impressive resume. One has to show a willingness to work at the bank. One also needs to understand the best time to send in a resume.

In order to land a job at an investment bank, one has to do more than show knowledge of different transaction types of bank firms. Knowledge of front office, middle office and back office jobs is very important to have. However, the one thing that is important to landing a job is assertiveness. One has to keep contacting investment banks in order to show that he is willing to work with them. A manager of an investment bank will look at the one who is most eager to work as the best candidate for the job. He will also show a willingness to go far in the field.

One of the investment bankers that have went very far in his career is James Dondero. He is co-founder of Highland Capital Management which is one of the larger investment bank firms. He understands many of the different tasks and transactions that go into running an investment bank and managing the funds of the clients. James Dondero not only presides over Highland, but a few other companies as well. Dondero is a very busy and diligent businessman who can give plenty of advice to upcoming investment bankers.

Getting a job as an employee at an investment bank does have ts challenges. However, the more one learns about investment banking, the more one will be able to work at a firm. The key thing is to keep in contact with the investment firm. This shows an amount of interpersonal skills. After all, an investment banker is going to be dealing with people. Therefore, he has to learn to talk to people and come to an agreement with them on the amount of money to help the client with. It is a complex job to get into with a lot of rewards.

Keeping Audiences At The Edge Of Their Seats

John Textor is a man who has done much to advance digital technology. John Textor originally received his bachelors of arts in economics from the Wesleyan University in 1987. 10 years later he became the managing partner of Wyncrest holdings. Wyncrest holdings is a company that had its main focus on entertainment, Internet, and telecommunications. From Wyncrest holdings came the company Babyuniverse. This was a company that dealt mainly with the selling of children’s products. Textor was also the CEO and the chairman of Sims Snowball and later he became the chairman and the CEO of Digital Domain in 2006. Digital Domain is one of the most well-known companies that deal with Digital film Managment. Digital Domain has done the visual effects for many popular large-scale movies. Some of the most well-known movies that Digital Domain has worked in have been Transformers, Tron Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Worlds End. Textor along with his company helped these movies truly come to life, and in the box office they sold billions.

John Textor’s company called Digital Domain became a true leader in the market of visual effects. It surpassed all other companies when it came to its use of digital humans and animated features. The characters that have been created by Digital Domain have wowed audiences from around the world.

Textor also worked on his own in creating films. He worked as a producer in the film Enders Game and, he is also currently working on a film called Art Story, and he was able to produce virtual real life looking celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Tupac Shakur. The filmography that was produced in many of his films helped his company to win multiple academy awards. Digital Domain is a groundbreaking company when it comes to digital effects and human characters. John Textor is a man that has made history when it comes to filmography and digital characters. He has changed the way that many of us view movies, and he has done all of those things through his innovation and for the public’s entertainment.

Hedge Fund Giant Citadel LLC

Citadel, LLC founder Kenneth C. Griffin on wallstreetjournal was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. In 1986 during his freshman year at Harvard Griffin began investing after reading a Forbes magazine article. During his second year at Harvard he started a hedge fund focused on convertible bond arbitrage, his early success with this fund enabled him to start a second fund managing just over $1 million dollars between the two. After graduating Harvard in 1989, Griffin founded Citadel in 1990 with $4.6 million dollars. As of March 2015 Citadel had an estimated #25 billion dollars in capital under management.

Citadel LLC, formerly Citadel Investment Group, LLC, was founded in 1990 by Kenneth C. Griffin the current CEO of the company. The company was initially known as Wellington Financial Group, which was also the name if it’s flagship fund. Citadel operates two separate businesses Citadel and Citadel Securities. Citadel is among the top three percent of hedge funds that have existed for over 20 years.

Citadel manages funds across five investment strategies: equities, commodities, fixed income, quantitative strategies, and credit. The firm is known for its research, risk management culture and start of the art technology. In 2014, Citadel became the first foreign complete Yen fund-raising as part of a program to allow Chinese investors the invest in over seas hedge funds.

Citadel Securities was founded in 2002, providing liquidity and trade execution to retail and institutional clients. The company is the largest market maker in options in the U.S., executing about 20 percent U.S.-listed equity options volume. In 2014, the company expanded its market making by also offering interest-rate swaps, one of the most commonly traded derivatives.

Citadel is known for several major investment over the years. In 2006, the company acquired large portions Amaranth Advisors’ energy portfolio. In 2007, rival Sowood Asset Management agreed to sell their entire portfolio to Citadel to meet obligations before the markets opened on the following business day. In 2007, the company purchased almost 20 percent if e*trade paying $2.5 billion in cash for the stake. By 2013, Citadel had sold of it remaining shares of e*trade.

Citadel is considered one of the top places to work in finance and has been acknowledged through various awards and accolades. The company is also an active participant in the community by providing educational opportunities and helping children and families with acute medical needs. In 2015, Citadel’s contributions to the Greater Chicago Food Depository were the highest from a single corporate donor in that organization’s history. In January 2015, Citadel partnered with the National Museum of Mathematics to tutor, prepare and support math and science students from low-income communities.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Citadel and Kenneth Griffin continue to be of the top rated hedge fund firms in the world.

Plymouth Rock Assurance and the Hurricane Evacuation


The insurance market is always moving and evolving. Plymouth Rock Assurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States and, ever since founder and CEO James Stone created the company, it has continued to do just this. One way Plymouth Rock Assurance has been attempting to make lives easier not only for its policy holders but also for those who have had to collect on damaged properties due to extensive storms. One of the leading ways Plymouth Rock Assurance has looked to help out its agents and customers is through the assistance of selling policies online.

Sometimes it just is not possible to be present in order to file a claim or to be there to receive compensation or assistance. Hurricane Katrina proved this to be the case. When the major hurricane hit New Orleans, hundreds of thousands of people fled the region. However, this did not protect the properties at all. With property damage being almost 100 percent in some areas of the town, those with insurance could not make their way back to their homes due to extensive flooding. Plus, many of these individuals who left the state ended up thousands of miles away, often in different states and time zones. However, being able to communicate with insurance companies such as Plymouth Rock Assurance proved to be difficult, and talking on the phone didn’t always work as the insurance agents were extremely busy handling the hundreds, if not thousands of claims.

According to the Boston Globe, in order to make life easier for the agents and the customers as well, Plymouth Rock Assurance decide to go about providing online services. This way, customers and policy holders could file their claim online and receive a faster return and answer. This also made it faster for the agents as they could process documentation quicker and could reach out for assistance from agents in other areas of the country tasked with helping the agents in Louisiana out.

All of this has been a step forward and a way to improve how the company communicates with both agents and policy holders who are not present in the region.

Citadel LLC, Private Company Information

It is a global financial institution that is a limited liability company based in Chicago, Illinois. It also has additional offices in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Houston, Toronto, Greenwich and Dallas. It was founded by Kenneth Griffin on wallstreetjournal in 1990 and was formerly known as Citadel Investment Group, LLC. The company operates two primary businesses, that is, Citadel and Citadel Securities with the third one being Citadel Technology. This company oversees the separate focused portfolios of its clients and also their hedge funds. It invests across the globe in different markets such as the public equity market and alternative investment market.
The 3 business segments of Citadel LLC, are each operational in extremely efficient systems. These include:

1. Citadel- It is known for being a leading industry alternative asset manager. Worldwide, it ranks as the 11th largest hedge fund manager and the 2nd largest multi-strategy hedge fund.
2. Citadel Securities- It was created in 2002 and focuses on providing liquidity in America’s capital markets. Barron’s ranked it as the number 1 provider of price improvements for investors. It is also the largest market maker and is headed by Jamil Nazarali.
3. Citadel Technology- This segment was established in 2009 and offers solutions for investment management technology.

Citadel is also recognized for its remarkable investments over the years. This can be seen through the 2006 acquisition of Amaranth Advisors’ energy portfolio. In 2007, it also procured the Sowood Asset Management’s entire portfolio. Also in the same year November, it gave to e*Trade Financial, a $2.5 billion cash combination resulting in Citadel obtaining a 20 percent stake. Citadel has also been identified with playing a role in financial legislation and market structure issues; Griffin became an active defender of today’s markets. Through such recognition, Citadel has received a number of awards and accolades. Citadel contributes to the community through providing educational scholarships and giving out medical help to families and children.

The reason for the success of Citadel is its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kenneth Griffin. He was born in October 15 1968, graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree and serves as part of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. H e started the company one year after graduating and has since elevated Citadel to great levels. Kenneth was identified by Forbes in 2012 highest earning hedge fund manager. Citadel received a top 10 Great Workplaces in financial services ranking by Great Places to Work Institute, and this was due to Griffin’s effort in promoting a collaborative work culture and giving his employees perks.

Griffin is part of a lot of board memberships due to his experience and knowledge in various fields. He is part of the committee in Capital Markets Regulation. He is also one of the G100 members, a network of 100 CEOs and a number of other committees and boards. He is indeed a force to reckon with in the financial business world.

GMO Seeds and Crops are Not Welcome Overseas

Sygenta, which specializes in developing GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds is under litigation by class action suits. Currently Monsanto is trying to buy Syganta at a price of $45 billion.Sygenta has been focused on pesticides and Monsanto on seeds. Sygenta’s insect- resistant corn and the failure of the deal is the focus of the class action suit.

Farmers who had sold corn to China were informed that the 130 billion bushel order was canceled because some of the corn had been contaminated by GMO corn which is prohibited for import into China. The resulting cancellation caused a serious drop in crop prices and losses for farmers. They claim that Sygenta claimed the corn could be planted side by side with non-GMO corn.The non-GMO corn was infacted with the GMO and was rejected by the buyer in China.

The GMO process and its integration into farming has been controversial from the beginning. Several States have begun requiring labels to be attached to foods which use GMO ingredients and despite claims to the contrary, no in-depth research into any long range effects of GMO products on humans has been conducted.

Estimates are that over 400,000 farmers were affected by the GMO corn and drop in sales and at last count the Firm of Watts-Guerra had over 21,000 clients for the suit. Watts-Guerra is led by Mikal C. Watts, an experienced attorney with a record of progressive advancement in the Law. A Corpus Christi native, Watts has specialized in this type or class action suit and in succeeding in case presentation.He has successfully litigated against corporations and is a leader in mass tort and class action suits.

To date spokespersons for Sygenta have denied all claims. However, it is all too obvious that evidence for the infection of the corn and its rejection by the buyers was due to omissions by Sygenta in informing the farmers of the dangers of side by side planting. Farmers who suffered economic loss from poor market prices for their corn are encouraged to seek relief through the class action suit.

Bruce Levenson sells Hawks for a huge profit

The $850 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and the rights to use the Philips Arena in Atlanta have finally been completed to bring the ownership of the franchise for the Atlanta Spirit group to an end. The group, headed by UCG founder Bruce Levenson has been in control of the Hawks franchise since 2004 and have presided over one of the biggest turnarounds in recent memory within the NBA. Under the leadership of Levenson and his partners the Hawks have gone from the worst record in the NBA in 2005 to the number one seed for the 2014-15 playoffs.

Bruce Levenson is no stranger to success and starting out at the bottom of the ladder after seeing the United Communications Group he founded with Ed Peskowitz reach global success. The UCG story is made all the more amazing by the fact the company was formed in a store room by the two men working as journalists who saw a gap in the market for a newsletter based around the oil and gas industry. The success of the Oil Express newsletter led to the fast growth of UCG with the purchase of a number of other newsletters and information suppliers.

Much like he has done with the Hawks, whose growth has been gradual and consistent, the success of UCG can be traced to the ability to adapt to a changing environment embraced by Bruce Levenson. The UCG founder has always been willing to invest in the latest technology and has seen the TechTarget company founded within UCG spin out into its own business with Levenson an important member of the board. Technology and business opportunities go hand in hand for Bruce Levenson who has seen the real time analytics created for the oil and gas industry turned into a consumer app in the form of GasBuddy.

Bruce Levenson has seen the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise purchased at the same time pass to another owner. However, the work Levenson completed to make the Hawks an integral part of the community within the Atlanta area and across the US will stand the test of time. The funds raised from the sale of both the Hawks and Thrashers will mean a large profit is made by each member of the Atlanta Spirit consortium, but the decision to help local communities will live on in the memory of fans of the franchise.

Steve Murray and the Making of CCMP Capital

The name Steve Murray is synonymous with the adjective great. As mentioned on Fortune, he was the CEO of CCMP Capital for the last 8 years (2007-2015). Murray is the man who was named as the head of bank’s buyout business in 2005 and supports five foundations through his works of charity. He was a man whose advice was valued in a couple of boardrooms which included Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Steve Murray was a cofounder of CCMP which was established in 2006 after the spinout with JP Morgan Partners. He later became the CEO of CCMP in 2007. CCMP is a private equity firm that has its operations spread out through North America and Europe. The Capital Advisors firm has specialized in buyout and growth equity investments targeting a number of industries.

Having a closer look at these industries we get to see the level of transaction CCMP gets involved in. In Healthcare, over a period of 27 years, they have invested $1.6 billion. The money has been invested specifically in medical product distribution, providers of healthcare services, managing care organization and specialty product companies. Kevin O’Brien and Jonathan Lynch are in charge of CCMP’s investment in healthcare.

In Industrial, an investment amounting to $5.5 billion over 29 years has been made. They have invested in industrial companies specializing in distribution, chemicals, manufacturing and industrial services. Generac and Milacron are some of the companies they have invested in. Timothy Walsh is the man in charge of this division.

Christopher Behrens spear heads the investments in the Energy industry of their investments. Over the last 25 years, they have invested $1.5 billion in companies such as Vetco and Chaparral Energy. They have invested in sectors within the Energy industry as power, exploration and production, oil field services and midstream and midstream services.

CCMP has invested the most in consumer/retail. A whooping $7.1 billion forms the investment they have made in different subsectors over the last 31 years. These subsectors include service business, information services, specialty retail, mass channel supply and multi-channel marketing. Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino are the two people who lead the investment in consumer or retail companies such as Aramark.
CCMP was the name adopted by the firm that is reflective of its mergers over the years. Back in 1984, it was founded as Chemical Venture Partners before the parent company, Chemical Bank, was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. It had a change of names over the last two decades before settling for CCMP in 2006. CCMP is an acronym for; Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufactures Hanover Capital and JP Morgan Partners.

The Products and Services That Link All of Our Gadgets Deserve Recognition as Well

The technology industry is a hard business to master because it is constantly changing due to the fact that technology is continually advancing. Just ask Blockbuster Video if it was wise for them to put all of their eggs in the basket of the business model of people coming out to a video store to rent DVDs. Oh wait, you can’t ask them because they are out of business. The proliferation of high-speed internet service and more powerful computers and mobile devices enabled media streaming services such as Netflix to serve as the final nail in their coffin.

The field of computers and related areas are a prime part of the tech sector today. This field includes desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and the plethora of services and products that both enable and expand the functionality of all this technology. Networking products are one such important interconnecting element that makes so much of the rest of our technology work and communication services that connect our technical gadgets are also vital.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology executive who knows all about these vital aspects of the tech industry and how they make it work. He was with Verizon at a time when he contributed to their deployment of FiOS high-speed internet service to enable them to compete better against high-speed cable internet services. Additionally, he was with Juniper Networks during most of 2014 as their chief executive officer. Having also been instrumental in the development of Verizon One and Verizon’s Iobi services, he is well versed in the technology that allows the rest of our technology to communicate.

It is always the computers and cool gadgets themselves that seem to get all the press and attention in the tech sector, but think for a moment how useful they would be without that which links them together. A room full of computers in an office might still be useful for individually completing work but only a fraction of what they are worth when they are networked together and enable workers on similar projects to communicate seamlessly and efficiently. The Steve Jobs’ of the world seem to get most of the attention, and they are certainly vital in how they spur creativity and help create the need for additional products and services in this important industry. Executives such as Shaygan Kheradpir, however, are just as vital by possessing the know-how to run businesses that make our devices so much more productive by linking them together so we can use them to communicate with the rest of the world. It is incredible to think back to a time before there was an internet, but when home computers started coming onto the scene people used them for word processing, spread sheets to track expenses and perhaps a couple other things. Now, simply faster versions of the same technology bring a world of information to our fingertips thanks to networking and communication technologies that run the gamut from routers, switches and network management software to the internet itself.

Choosing The Best Lawyer In Brazil For Your Case

If you are involved in any type of dispute in Brazil or simply need legal advice, it is extremely important that you talk to a lawyer immediately. There is no need wasting time or postponing getting a lawyer to represent you. Lawyers in Brazil are knowledgeable about Brazilian legal system and can help you navigate the complicated legal process. A litigation lawyer in Brazil has a good understanding of the civil rights laws in Brazil and related issues.

In order to find the right lawyer in Brazil to provide the services you need you should consider experience and reputation of the lawyers on your list of possibilities. Get the right lawyer for your case, and you can be confident you will get the best possible outcome.

Whether your case is a business matter or any other legal action, it is important that you choose the best lawyer possible. You also know that there are legal fees involved and fees can vary widely among different lawyers. But, did you know that, in some case, the lawyer will allow you to postpone paying the legal fees until your case is resolved? You need to have a written agreement, signed by both parties, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transaction.

And, you should be aware that most lawyers have a flat fee, and others charge by the hour. Experienced lawyers often charge more than those that do not have experience in the field. When a lawyer charges a client for consultation time over the phone or in his or her office, the hourly rate may be different than the charges for the time the lawyer spends in court for the case, or the time the lawyer spends in conference with other lawyers.

Ask your lawyer about legal fee structures and lawsuit funding and find out the best option for you, given the circumstances of your case and your financial standing.

You’ll want to meet with the lawyer or talk to the lawyer, to make sure he or she is someone you like and trust. It is important to consider personality and rapport when choosing a lawyer to take up your case. The last thing you need is choosing someone who does not listen to your concerns or give you confidence that your case will be handled effectively.

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian Lawyer, known for his litigation skills. He has vast experience in representing high profile clients, and has achieved tremendous success rate over the years. Mr Ricardo Tosto is well respected in the legal community due to his proven track record in the industry. Some of his clients include multinational companies, large corporations, and politicians. Mr Ricardo Tosto owns and operates several popular law firms in Brazil.